BEGGIN BBQ Dog Treats, Pork, All Stages

Bring on the meaty, rich flavor your dog loves with Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork dog treats. These dog treats feature real pork as the No. 1 ingredient, giving you added peace of mind every time you indulge his taste buds. The irresistible aroma, enticing texture and beg-worthy taste combine to create a multisensory experience that's sure to be a hit in your household. This recipe is cooked slow for the delicious flavor your dog wants. Make each day a backyard BBQ for your canine companion's taste buds when you serve him these Purina Beggin' dog treats, and show him just what a good boy he's been. Serve these treats whole, or tear them into smaller bites for tiny rewards when he learns a new trick. With so much flavor in every bite, these delicious, meaty treats offer a mouthwatering way to share special moments with your faithful friend.