Ester-C Immune Support 1000mg Vitamin Supplement- 60 CT

Ester-C® Immune Support* 1000mg. #1 pharmacist recommended brand. The better Vitamin C®. Non-acidic, stomach friendly*! Antioxidant support*. Patented Vitamin C formula. Enhanced absorption. Vitamin supplement. 60 coated tablets. There's nothing like the immune support of patented Ester-C®. *As a unique form of Vitamin C, Ester-C® absorbs into your system quickly and stays there, providing immune system support. * Ester-C provides your body with the immune and antioxidant support it needs to help keep you healthy and strong during times of seasonal change and the stresses of daily living*. Ester-C and Ester-C® are licensed trademarks of The Ester C Company. Ester-C® gives you the added benefits of C-Sorb™. Ester-C®, together with C-Sorb™ and naturally occurring metabolites, works synergistically to quickly absorb into your system and stay there, providing immune system support. In addition to immune support, Ester-C® supports*: Heart health. Antioxidant health*. Bones, joints and gums*. Healthy circulation and blood vessels*. Hair, skin and nails*. Plus. Enhanced absorption. Stomach friendly*. Patented Vitamin C formula. Make Ester-C® part of your daily routine for optimal health ... no matter what time of year it is!* Based on the results of the Pharmacy Times Survey among pharmacists who recommend a high potency Vitamin C supplement, 2010. Suitable for vegetarians. Made in USA. Save $2.00 on any one Ester-C® product consumer: this coupon good only on the purchase of product indicated. Any other use constitutes fraud. Limit one coupon per purchase. Consumer pays any sales tax. Void if copied, transferred, prohibited, taxed or restricted. Good only in USA, including U.S. Military Bases. Retailer: For payment of face value, plus 8 handling, send to nature smart C/O CMS, Dept. 30768, 1 Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. Coupon will be paid only if presented by an authorized retailer of our merchandise. Cash redemption value of 1/100 of one cent. Do not double. Ester-C® save $2.00. Valid on this product only. No artificial color, flavor or sweetener, no preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast, no fish. Sodium free. Call toll free 1-866-417-0739 with questions or comments, Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm EST.