Listerine Mouthrinse, Zero Alcohol, Fresh Mint, Sensitivity

New. Sensitivity protection. Shields & protects sensitive areas of teeth. For 24-hour relief (with continued use) from painful tooth sensitivity. Peel to learn how this product works by physically blocking dentin tubules in sensitive areas of teeth. Use: Provides continual relief from tooth sensitivity due to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact. What is tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is a short, sharp pain resulting from stimuli - including heat, cold, acid, or sugar - increasing fluid flow inside dentin tubules which is transmitted to the nerve endings located in the pulp. In a healthy mouth, the dentin tubules are covered by gum tissue or enamel. Reported prevalence varies widely with some studies indicating up to 74% of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity. Whether it is every day or occasionally, having sensitive teeth makes eating or drinking painful. Mode of Action: Most oral care sensitivity products either numb the nerve endings or create a thin protective layer on the exposed dentin. Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol blocks the open tubules by depositing stable crystals both on the surface of the dentin and deep inside the tubules. Before exposed dentin tubules. After blocked dentin tubules. The crystals inhibit the movement of fluid that stimulates the nerves and cause pain. Listerine sensitivity zero alcohol provides in-depth protection and relief from the pain of tooth sensitivity. Questions? 888-222-0182; outside US, dial collect 215-273-8755. Visit to learn more. Care to recycle. Made in Canada.