Opti Free Disinfecting Solution, Multi-Purpose, All Day Comfort, Pure Moist

Sterile. For silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses. Clinically proven. Cleans. Rinses. Disinfects. Stores. With HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. Opti-Free Puremoist Solution is clinically proven to provide comfort. It contains our unique HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix which cushions the lens with a shield of moisture that lasts from morning 'til night. Please remember to recycle. Certain ingredients in Opti-Free Puremoist Solution are exclusive to the Opti-Free brand. There is no generic or store brand equivalent of this product. Advanced cleaning & disinfection. Reconditions & retains moisture. Comfort from morning 'til night. Alcon's Guarantee: The performance of this product is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, return the unused portion to Alcon Laboratories for a full refund. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-757-9195. alcon.medInfo(at)alcon.com. www.Opti-Free.com. Opti-Free products for silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses. Opti-Free Puremoist Solution: Benefits: All day comfort; Proprietary Ingredients: HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix provides a lubricating cushion of moisture. A Novartis company. Made in USA.