Sunsweet Ones Prunes, Amaz!n, Value Pack

Individually wrapped. California grown. What could be better than a sweet and nutritious treat for only 100 calories? Sunsweet Ones go wherever your busy life takes you: in the car, at the park, at the gym. These individually wrapped, delicious Amaz!n Prunes make it easy to enjoy a satisfying snack. 100 calories per serving. Good source of fiber. Over 1 billion enjoyed! Fruits & Veggies: More matters. Enjoy Sunsweet Ones anywhere! Gym. Beach. Golfing. Outdoors. Mall. Work. Picnic. Garden. Surfing. BBQ. Snow boarding. Movies. Camping. Car. Hiking. Fishing. Park. Home. Desk. Walking. Skating. For Questions or Comments Call: 1-800-417-2253, 9am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri. Please recycle. Diabetic Exchange: 2 fruit. Dried fruits have fiber along with carbohydrates and can be a good choice in your diabetic meal plan. Product of USA.