Hartz Cat Litter, pH5

Naturally low pH keeps your cat box smelling fresher! Controls odor better than most other litters! Naturally. Why is Low pH so Important: Cat litter should have a pH of 6.5 to control the gaseous ammonia odors that can form when cat urine breaks down. Unlike other cat litters with a higher pH, pH5 is made from a special clay mined in Georgia with a natural pH averaging 4.7. pH5 neutralizes ammonia odors that may form! pH5 is 100% Natural: Without the use of perfumes and chemical additives, pH5 naturally controls the growth of odor causing bacteria and naturally prevents ammonia odors from forming. pH5 is a Highly Absorbent Clay: pH5 Cat Litter contains highly absorbent granules that naturally absorb their own weight in liquid. pH5 leaves your cat's litter box smelling fresher, naturally. You and your cat will love it! Made in U.S.A.