Casio Calculator, Scientific, Natural Textbook Display

fx-300ES Plus. Permitted on Tests: AP, SAT I/II, PSAT/NMSQT & ACT Suggested Courses: general math; pre-algebra; algebra I & II; geometry; trigonometry; statistics; science; biology. Natural-VPAM. Enter expression as written in textbook. Solar plus with battery back-up. Remainder calculator. Fraction calculations. Prime factorization. List-based statistics (STAT Data Editor). Random integers. Previous answer memory. Multi-replay function. Trigonometric functions. 1 independent memory. GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)/LCM (Least Common Multiple). Comes with slide-on hard case. Trigonometric/hyperbolic/power/sexagesimal functions. Exponential/logarithmic. Fraction calculations. Calculation with square root/pi symbol including simplifying radicals. Recurring decimal. Table function. Coordinate conversion. Permutation/combination. Statistical calculations (standard deviation). Statistical calculations (regression analysis). Casio US Education Web: Casio Worldwide Education Web: Made in Thailand.